Stephen E. Mendes


My primary education started at age 4 and before I reached 11, I had attended 3 different private schools.

I was very shy and introverted, would not mix with other children and suffered from all kinds of health problems (some of them were probably psychosomatic).

The psychologist I was dragged to, told my mother I would always be eccentric.

Other kids thought I was just plain 'weird'.

However, I survived it all, and passed the Common Entrance Examination... so off I went to public secondary school, Harrison College for me.

At Harrison's, I excelled at physics and math, but did not care very much for foreign languages (I was forced to do Latin, French and Spanish!).

Extra-curricular activities at the school were not for me, I preferred my hobbies - boating, music, experimenting with electricity and chemicals !

Fortunately, once again, I survived !

I left school in 1974 (at 17 years old) after obtaining the General Certificate of Education (a locally administered set of examinations, set and supervised by the University of Cambridge, England).


I was advised by the Headmaster to pursue the Advanced level in PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS and CHEMISTRY, but declined in favour of a correspondence course in ELECTRONICS from the National Radio Institute, Washington, D.C.

I received my Diploma in Television and Audio Servicing (with Highest Honors) in December 1976. Between 1976 and 1981, I made a living servicing musical instuments, public address systems and domestic hi-fi equipment, but I continued to experiment and build electronic kits and home-grown projects.

In 1981, I hooked up with a small electronic security firm. They wanted an Electronic's Engineer, but could not afford to pay a professional. Check out my ELECTRONICS page for the rest of that story.

In 1990, I entered the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I had started my love affair with computers back in 1978, check my COMPUTER page for the details of that one.

I have been awarded a First Class Honours from this University in 1995.

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