My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 2, it had 32k memory, 12k BASIC interpreter and an audio cassette tape for secondary storage !!!

Well, that was in 1978 and somehow I don't have a picture, anyways, software was limited (I typed in a few games in BASIC, what a drag).

Well, I decided to learn Assembly language so I could write my own software for it !! I got me a Z80 assembler package and a 'monitor' (NOT the thing you look at... but a program that operates at the most basic level, even lower than the Operating System)

I disassembled sections of the BASIC code in ROM, so I could better understand HOW to effectively control the hardware, this effort spawned a whole set of utilities, that we regard as standard commands today !!!

My next machine was a Commodore 64 with 64k memory and a REAL floppy drive !

I purchased the 8080 processor plug-in so I could take advantage of my old stock of TRS-80 programs.

The OS on this combination was CPM, I never bothered to really learn the 6502 (or was it 4), I mean the native chip in the Commodore, but I DID buy the native assembler package anyway.

Lots of fun with that machine, but Ooh, the hardware failures and blown chips !!!

Finally, along comes the WONDERFUL IBM PC, you can see my first one in the picture on my ELECTRONICS page.....

Here is my 386, which I upgraded to in 1991.

Well, WHAT SOFTWARE have I developed ?


Inventory Management (with automatic re-order capability) programs written for CLIPPER compiler

General Ledger (with automatic trial balance and audit-trail) written in C.

For pleasure....

A few graphics programs, maybe I'll put them up someday. Click here for Computer Programs....These consist of source code for basic algorithms....Most were assignments at University....I have put up the implementations in C and Pascal...also some Assembly language stuff from a Systems Programming Project.

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