Please Note:- Many of these songs can be heard HERE

I started piano lessons at age 12, but quit after a year as I was playing "by air" so much better than the written stuff they were feeding me.

I was obsessed with creating my own sound and writing original lyrics.

I wanted to leverage technology to produce "big sound" (that of an entire band) and improve both the quality and range of sound effects I could produce.

At 14, I bought an electric guitar which was soon followed by an electric bass.

Between 1974 and 1976, I studied Electronics as detailed in my Education page. I quickly designed an FET stereo mixer, and with two cassette decks, I was into sound-on-sound recording.

Concurrently with my personal music progress, at this time, I was playing keyboard in a band (PROBE).

We made some money by playing at the Hotels, but most of it went back into better instuments and amplifiers.

Here we are, playing on stage for a local audience, at one of the leading secondary schools on the island (I am way down at the opposite end of the stage!).

In my home studio, I strove constantly to improve the quality of the sound , this was important because as I added each new instument, the parts before were copied from one machine to the next and this degraded the quality slightly each time.

In 1977, I bought the Yamaha BK5 organ shown at the top of this page

In 1979, I purchased an analog monophonic synthesizer (Yamaha CS10)

Between 1986 and 1989, I added the following instuments to my studio:-

I re-recorded all my old numbers to take advantage of the technology boost. Added some new material and released (for sale ?) my first debut album MIRROR OF THE MIND.
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