Back 2 Eden

An expedition with Hans, Amos and Ryan along the coasts of St. Joseph, St.John and St.Philip:-

We visit some Unknown Soldiers camping in the jungle:-

Sights along the way.... spider - orange butterfly - morning glory flower (they close before 9a.m. !) - yellow bird - "dog dumplings" the source
of the healing Noni juice recently discovered and now being marketed INTERNATIONALLY !:-

We play in the forest in St. Philip.... these "bearded fig" trees may have something to do with the name Barbados.... the tendrils are aerial roots:-

The rugged coastline near Marley Vale, where we went exploring:-

A giant Man-o-War, this could put you in the hospital.... we pulled it out of the shallow water using piece of broken basin and put it on the rock to photograph it:-

Ryan plays with a sea crab:-

A surfing picture at Cattlewash on the way home:-

Rasta Art....... HERE
More photos from EDEN.... HERE

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