Boat Ride up the South Coast

Shawn sculling Hans to his boat..... Shawn and Hans having fun on the beach.

I went on an expedition with him to go around the island.... although we were not successful due to rough seas... here are some photos from that adventure !

Leaving around 6a.m. from Smugglers Cove.... we headed towards the South Coast.... here is a view looking back at the Spring Garden power plant and the HOT POT scene of the worst drowning incident in Barbadian history.... various vessels in the Harbour as we make our way towards Carlisle Bay

We pass a man and his dog, rowing far out to sea in Carlisle Bay

The Hilton Hotel at Needhams Point is about to be DEMOLISHED to build bigger and better hotel

Coming up the South Coast we have first the Ocean View (and scenic Hastings Rocks) and then Accra Beach, where they have just built another large hotel

A large fuel tanker at Oistins Bay..... Jet Ski on the way back down

.....and we passed the dive site for the Atlantis submarine

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