The Rastafarian movement has been steadily growing throughout the Caribbean over the years.
Rastas believe that Haille Selassie, king of Ethiopia, was an incarnation of the Most High God, JAH.
Other features of the group are a "dreadlock" hairstyle and the smoking of marijuana for ritual , religious purposes
Rastas also believe in a "natural" existence and abstain from eating meat.
As with any sect, people chose what they want to adopt out of it, and so there will be people who claim to be Rasta, but do not conform entirely to all of the above.
The "Back to Eden" idea is very popular worldwide... and likely to become more so... given the stress and strain of modern existence.

70001[43K] A Rasta praising JAH on bended knee.

70002[106K] Rastafarian children, enjoying their day.

70003[98K] Washing in a natural spring.
Rastas believe in the health giving properties
of these springs.

70004[101K] The youth of Charles Rowe bridge lime here.

70005[64K] Rasta colors are Red (ites), Yellow (gold),
Green and Black.

70006[75K] Other symbols of Rastafarian culture and
the Pan-African movement.

70007[56K] The youth play cards and dominoes.

70008[48K] Liming spot for the Rockley posse.

70009[38K] Strictly positive vibes to the youth of the area.

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