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Courses I am currently teaching at the University of the West Indies, Barbados:
Second Semester:
EL22C (ELET2120)- Discrete Device Electronics
EL31L (ELET3120)- Communication Circuits

Caribbean Science Foundation:
SPISE 2016 student area

Courses I have taught in the past at UWI:
P10C (PHYS1100)- Mechanics
EL10B (ELET1110)- Digital Electronics
EL10A - Circuit Analysis
EL10C - Basic Electronics
P10D - Electricity and Magnetism
EL22C - Discrete Device Electronics
EL31P (ELET3140)- Microcomputers and Control
EL31G (ELET3100)- Microprocessors II
EL31Q - Digital Communications

Non-UWI courses in Barbados:
Photography and Digital Imaging

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