Music Composition

Course Outline


Far too many music students become slave to some 'system' of learning and even if they become competent musicians, many are stuck in the mode of copying songs by ear OR can only play from score (sheet music)

This course seeks to tap into a person's natural creativity from the beginning and truly inspire the student to create their own original content as they progress

The course explores WHY certain commonly taught principles work musically..... but at all points the student is encouraged to experiment for themselves.... and approach issues from a fresh perspective

Lesson 1 & 2 -  Melody and Phrasing
We need a scale on which to play
Diatonic, Chromatic, Major and Minor scales, Pentatonic
Other scales and their uses – Dorian, Phrygian, Locrian and Lydian
Arpeggios and melody creation
Call and Response

Lesson 3 & 4 – Harmony

Scale intervals and the construction of chords and arpeggios
Range and Rhythmic Unison
Open and Closed Spacing, Rules of Doubling
Voice Leading, Conjunct and Disjunct Motion
Consonant and Dissonant Skips, Parallel, Oblique and Contrary Motion
Voice Crossing and Overlap
Ostinato in melody, harmony and rhythmic patterns

Lesson 5 & 6 –  Rhythm

Rhythm in speech and poetry
Placing of accented beats to manipulate mood
Phrasing and Dynamics
Popular Patterns
Riffs and Transition Patterns and their uses

Lessons 7 & 8 –  Relationship between Lyrics and Music

Poetry and Rhyme schemes for lyrical content
Iambic, Trochaic, Anapestic Dactylic and Spondee Metric Patterns
Matching the music to the Lyrics and the Emotional Impact.
Finding Chord Progressions for Intro, Outro, Verse, Chorus or Bridge
Holding the listener’s attention with Hooks, Breaks, Vamps and Solos

Lesson 9 & 10 – Your Turn

Group discussion and participation in various lyrical or instrumental musical creations.
Cost is Bds$300

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