Sound Recording

Course Outline


Although all manner of software (even free software) exists for the recording of sound on a computer

The vast majority of people have not got a clue how to maximise the sound quality or potential flexibility of these tools

In this course, you learn how to get the best quality of sound.... how to use sound effects.... how to mix multiple sources of sound

This is a valuable course for ANY musician wanting to self-publish their music on the internet.

It also has commercial application in advertising and video games

Lesson 1 & 2 -  Getting Set Up
Relationship of Resolution and Sample Rate to sound quality
Headroom, Dynamic Range and Gain Staging
Signal to Noise ratio and Quantization
Testing your Set Up

Lesson 3 & 4  Microphones

Types of Microphones and their uses
Effects of acoustic spaces on sound recorded through microphones
Avoiding the use of microphones where possible
Improving microphone recording using compression and equalization

Lesson 5 & 6  Mixing

Deep, Wide and High ways to manage the sound field
Basic level setting methods
Using equalization, panning and reverberation
Using automation on recorded tracks

Lessons 7 & 8   Sound Effects and Sequencers

The advantages and disadvantages of effects
Parallel and serial connection issues
Gain staging sound effects processors
Synchronization methods

Lesson 9 & 10  Your Turn

Group discussion and participation in various recording and mixing projects
Cost is Bds$300

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