Maycocks Bay was pure unspoiled beauty... and looked much as the earliest settlers to the island must have seen it... uninhabited, clean and devoid of human contamination.

[43K] Until the Arawak cement plant destroyed it's "uninhabited" look forever !.... now the water is not as clear.... and the beach not as clean as it once was... this page is a tribute to Maycocks Bay.. and an appeal to stop further contamination of the environment... an appeal to government to prevent further development in the area.

[79K] Marine rock formations, above and below the water, teem with tropical sea life.

[99K] Dense foliage covers the cliffs... leading down to the bay... MAY IT NEVER BE DEBUSHED... leave at least one spot on the island unspoiled and UNDEVELOPED for future generations to appeciate !

[68K] These trees have been around a long time, how easy it is to come in with a bulldozer and in a matter of days DESTROY something that is more than half a century old !

[71K] Clambering over the rocks and moving farther north...this beautiful scene... one can sit and meditate all day... and not see another human being !

What will it be like in 10, or 20 years time?.... Why must every available square inch of the island be "developed" ?

I have seen the swamps shrink through land reclamation..... the gullies fill with all manner of rubbish through careless indifference.... and large areas de-forrested... I believe it is not desirable to "develop" every available piece of land in sight !

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© copyright 1995-98 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.