[60K] This scene, taken in St.Thomas, near Harrison's Cave, gives a glimpse of country-side life.

[60K] Another quiet pasture, this one in St. Lucy.

[82K] An "old world" look in this valley in St. Lucy.

[78K] A hilltop view of St. Lucy, taken along the highway.

[84K] A sugar factory surrounded by cane fields.

[45K] Pleasure craft at anchor in the Careenage, Bridgetown.

[84K] This photo of the Logos book-ship was taken at the "flour-mill" berth
on the Spring Garden Highway in St. Michael. Barbados has excellent docking
facilities for all types of vessels.

[62K] This is a nice view from Ragged Point, the owner of the little house perched on the cliff has a spectacular view......every day.

[36K] Inland from Ragged Point.... this pasture and mill (one of the few being used for anything at all)

[94K]This pond on the hill overlooking Skeetes Bay.... actually had some ducks in it (but you will have to take my word for it.... unless you can locate them in the photo !).

[47K] The cliffs of St. Philip... this one is just north of Palmetto Bay.

[68K] The stream flowing from the Three Houses spring in St. Philip.

[80K] The access to the beach at Bottom Bay, St. Philip.

[83K] The access to the beach at Palmetto Bay, St. Philp. A very slow shutter speed
creates some interesting effects in the picture.

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