Christmas Day 2003

The cultural tradition in Barbados is to dress up in exotic clothes on Christmas morning and strut around in Queens Park, while the Police Band plays. This year Queens Park is closed for renovations, so the event was held on Bay Street... with the Police Band playing in the Gazebo

I was on hand to catch the action

This purple flower is a "morning glory", which grows like a vine upon our beaches

This orange-yellow flower is the "pride of Barbados", our symbol of national pride and unity

I went on an expedition with popular chatroom personality "Xtreme FX".... here are some pics.... we are soon hoping to make a movie, if you want to be involved write to and we will interview you

Congor Bay is isolated and reached by walking or an SUV:

"Remains of Sea Eggs"... these creatures are now protected by law and can only be harvested during one month of the year... the delicacy is so popular with Bajan palettes that poaching is a problem for the authorities

"Carrying home the Cow".... a common sight in the Scotland District.... folks tether their cows anywhere they feel like and then come back for them in the evening, if they feel like it

Jose River and the "train line" bridge... Barbados' only railway ran across this bridge nearly 100 years ago.... the bridge has been refurbished recently and the area planted up like the Garden of Eden


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