[84K] This statue can be seen at a "round-about" along the highway, near an area called "Haggatt Hall", in St. Michael.

[64K] Hillaby, on the border of St. Andrew and St. Thomas, is the highest point on the island. It is 1100 feet above sea level.

[64K] Another view from Hillaby, heading in the direction of Gregg Farm.

[32K] This shot on the east coast was taken from the top of Morgan Lewis hill in St. Andrew.
The hill is famous for two things, first, it has the only complete surviving windmill of the 19th century and second, there is a place on the hill where you experience the illusion of a stationary car rolling uphill!

[49K] View from Farley Hill Park, St. Andrew.

[40K] Farley Hill Park, St. Andrew (no photos can do justice to the 180 degree panorama !).

[29K] This is a view from one spot on the coast road that connects St. John and St. Joseph, this route is taken by many of the tour operators and is a favourite with both tourists and locals.

[46K] This is a view of the Bridgetown environs, the building with the tall white towers is the Central Bank.

[69K] Descending from Shophill, St. Thomas..... this new housing development is called "Edgehill Heights".

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