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This page is for photos that don't seem to fit into any of the other categories
[35K] Cricket is the national game... and there are playing fields all around the island... this photo was taken in St.Lucy.

[91K] The coconut, a tropical delight.... selling bottled coconut water by the roadside has become a popular thing to do.

[9K] Eclipse of the Sun... Feb. 1998-2000.

[81K] Canon at the Crane.

Our national heroes.... giant canvas paintings... outside government offices on Baystreet.
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Tribute to the "rebels" of 1937... whose efforts changed our history.. for the better:-

Spring Garden Highway on a "normal" day..... Cruise liner in port:-

Rum Refinery and Heritage Park:-

Transporting a gas cylinder.... working on the lines:-

The Lion at Gunhill...

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