ELET1215 - Digital Electronics 2


Section 1 notes
Counters, Latches and Registers
The Bidirectional Shift Register
Comparison of synchronous and asynchronous counters
Waveforms for synchronous/asynchronous counters
Mealy and Moore Finite State Machines
General Model of an Asynchronous Sequential Circuit
VIDEOS for Section 1
Design procedure for synchronous 4-bit binary counter
Design procedure for asynchronous (ripple) counter
Division of binary nymbers using shifting

Section 2 notes
Analysizing Asynchronous FSM - Transition Table
Understanding Flow Tables
Analysis of asynchronous circuits built with latches
Implementation with latches
VIDEOS for section 2
Find the Transition Table from the logic diagram
Finding races and cycles in transition table
Drawing race diagrams for a transition table
Drawing Total State Diagram for a Transition Table
ANOTHER longer video - showing how to draw Total State Diagrams and Race Diagrams for Transition Table
Using Latches to construct Asychronous Sequential Devices

Section 3 notes
Reduction of the Primitive Flow table
Assigning outputs to unstable states
Race Free State Assignment
Videos for section 3
How to assign outputs to unstable states
LONG video on Race Free State assignment
Hazards in ASC
Hazards and how to overcome them in ASC design
Design of ASC - Part 1
Design of ASC - Part 2
Design of ASC - Part 3
Design of ASC - Part 4
Another example of problem solving in ASC
Solutions to real-world ASC problems

Section 4 notes
Clocks and Schmitt Trigger
The Binary Weighted DAC
The R/2R Ladder DAC
The Tracking (Ramp or Staircase) ADC
The Flash ADC
VIDEOS for section 4
Understanding the R2R ladder
Understanding the Flash Converter

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