Animal Flower Cave

Under the cliffs at the northern tip of the island lies the Animal Flower Cave, operated as a major tourist attraction by the Ward family, this beautiful sea cave is a "must see" for all nature-loving visitors
The "hand" and the "turtle" are two of the most popular natural rock formations inside the cave

The small "sea anemones" in these photos are all that remains of the "animal flowers" from whence the cave gets it's name... the "flower" consists of tentacles that can sting and paralyse a passing fish in the larger variety of the species... and can be retracted into the stalk or stump for safety on contact with an alien object (such as a stick)... the flower then waits a while before coming back out of the stalk (opening again) to allow "danger" to pass.

The "swimming pool" as the guides call it... is in a chamber by itself.... and the totally transparent and absolutely still water does not reveal it's depth but looks deceptively shallow... the smooth floor of the cave worn down by the water and the rubbing action of the coral rocks over eons of time has an undulating formation and the erie light lends a magical quality to this chamber

At certain times of year and in bad weather... the caverns become filled with water... and the entrance acts like a giant blowhole... I will bring these pictures to you in due course

The cave can be visited Monday - Saturday, 9am to 5pm.... it is a favorite stop for the tour buses... but individuals are always welcomed. Their phone number is (246) 439-8797... or you can send email to: Manuel Ward

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