Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

Well, so much for a "Newsletter".... frankly, don't have the time for it these days !

However, here are a couple of Websites for your consideration.... and a SHAREWARE program you might find useful ....

FEATURED Finger...this is a useful little application that lets you find out information about Domains (the part of the e-mail address to the right of the "@" sign... e.g.,, by using the "Whois" function.

and... and... AND... it also lets you find out about peoples user ID's (the part of the e-mail address to the left of the "@" sign)... the "Finger" function !

FEATURED WEBSITES...are... HasaGhana for the very best in African art and fashions (you can order right from your computer!)... and .... World Wide Black Online ...a site with many interesting links worth exploring !

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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