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Hi there,

Thinking of changing or upgrading your computer this year? I have had many calls in the last week, so here are a few points to ponder....

Brand Name ?.... Back in 1990, it made sense to buy a good brand name (such as Hewlett Packard, IBM or Compaq)... hardware RELIABILITY was a serious issue and hardware costs so much that things like resale value and lifespan were very important concerns.... also SERVICE was an issue... because of hardware reliability... the Brand Name salesman could claim that his machine broke down less (because of better quality control and initial burn-in testing) and when it did break down professional service was available to get you going in no time flat !

Today, because of greatly improved manufacturing techniques and competition, reliable hardware is the normal experience... prices have dropped so low on the NO NAME brand products... that you can afford to take the "risk", but is it a risk ?

Most dealers will exchange or repair your product within the FIRST YEAR.... and the experts say that most manufacturing defects will show up in the first 6 months... so while it may still be true that BRAND NAME products are pre-tested... what's the big deal? do your own "testing" and SAVE MONEY

There is one other BIG FACTOR in favor of NO NAME products... they are VERY GENERIC and ADAPTABLE... the BRAND NAME people are still making their machines UNIQUE in one way or the other.... to diffrentiate it from the competition ... and supposedly give better performance... UNFORTUNATELY for the end-user, this UNIQUENESS means that the product is NOT UPGRADABLE except with the parts and in the way that "is specified by the Manufacturer" who really DOES NOT want you to go on upgrading.... HE WANTS TO SELL YOU A NEW MACHINE !!!! EVERY YEAR, if he can do it !!!!!

The MOTHERBOARD, my friends, can you change it for another one??.... made by a different manufacturer... or will you have to THROW AWAY that pretty HIGH PRICED case you have there... because it DOES NOT allow GENERIC MOTHERBOADS in STANDARD sizes !!

Well, until next time, keep surfing.... I will try to put up FEATURED SITES AND SOFTWARE.... also more TOMORROW.

Stephen E Mendes

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