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Hi there,

First, let me wish all my readers a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year !!

Tribute to Maycocks Bay has now moved to the Sights and Scenes area.

In response to numerous questions, here is a little tutorial on computer video....

SCREEN RESOLUTION is the number of PIXELS that define the image... PIXEL = Picture Element..... simply put, it is nothing more than a color dot... typical screen resolutions are 640x480 (your full screen image consists of 640x480=307,200 dots!) 600x800 (480,000 dots) and 1024x768 (786,432 dots).

COLOR DEPTH is the number of distinct possible colors the dot can be !!...typical color depths are 256 (8-bit), 65,536 (16-bit) and 16,777,216 (24-bit).

The more dots in the image...the more memory required... also... the more colors each dot can be... the more memory required.... your VIDEO CARD (the "thing" inside your computer that generates the image you see on your MONITOR) comes with typically 1, 2 or 4 Megabytes of memory...

If your card only has 1MB of memory... then you DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH memory to show more than 256 possible colors for each of 786,432 dots ! you get the idea !!!

The pictures in my Photo Gallery will NOT LOOK GOOD if viewed with less than 65,535 colors !!!

The SIZE the picture appears to be on your monitor screen, will depend on which SCREEN RESOLUTION setting you are using... I recommend 600x800 if you are using a 14" or 15" monitor and 1024x768 only if you are using a 17" or larger monitor and have enough video memory for 65,535 colors. YOU CAN CHANGE your SCREEN RESOLUTION or COLOR DEPTH setting from WINDOWS'95 by clicking on START... then SETTINGS... then CONTROL PANEL....then DISPLAY... select the SETTINGS tab in the upper right hand corner... the box labeled "Desktop Area" is the SCREEN RESOLUTION setting and the one labeled "Color Palette" is the COLOR DEPTH setting... after changing them, to suit yourself... click OK... your system will re-start and give you a choice of ACCEPTING or CANCELLING your setting changes !!! Have FUN :)

FEATURED SOFTWARE... is .... Home Site v1.2... download this FREEWARE and start creating SOPHISTICATED Web Pages...just like the PROs'... this program is THE BEST Web Authoring tool around !..... please note:- this is a 32 BIT APPLICATION and requires WINDOWS '95.

FEATURED WEBSITES...are...The Fitness Zone... to help you trim off those pounds you have gained from your Christmas feasting !!...and....Africa Online... another cool African resource (in case you haven't noticed, it is the policy of this site to promote "Third World", Caribbean and African resources on the Internet.... with ENVIRONMENTAL issues taking top priority !.... I believe in technological progress... but not at the expense of quality of life and destruction of the environment for sheer GREED and FINANCIAL gain.... NO AMOUNT OF MONEY is too great a sum to spend on PROTECTING the world's forests, oceans, flora and fauna from so-called "developed and civilized" mankind).

Here's a site for all MUSIC LOVERS.....

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....and do your bit to PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT!

Stephen E Mendes

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