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Hi there,

A lot has been written in the news about the security problems on the Internet and the pornographic element...etc., etc....this is to be expected .... it sells newspapers.

Some people have told me that they will NOT be going online...until it is "safe" and/or "wholesome"....

The Internet is unlike anything else in human history... and I believe it is both impossible and undesirable to "regulate and clean it up"... the way these people are expecting.

Of course, since you are online and reading this, you have already "taken the plunge".

To protect the kids (and maybe yourself...if you are the sensitive type) please obtain a copy of NetNanny or CyberPatrol....but for goodness sake, DON'T GO OFFLINE....we need you !..... and we hope you'll do all in your power to get your reluctant relatives and friends ONLINE....and to keep the 'net FREE of CENSORSHIP...political meddling....governmental and bureaucratic mismanagement.... sanctimonious moralistic interference !

Please note:- The policy at this site is excellence and quality content... you will NOT find sexually explicit, morally degrading, blasphemous or illegal material here. But I do believe in the sanctity of personal FREEDOM and the individual's right to CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT TO VIEW !

I WELCOME READERS COMMENTS...on the site content and take SERIOUSLY all suggestions for change/improvement !

In my Newsletter on Aug. 22, I promised instructions to update your video driver to Photograph quality (65K or more colors).

Most drivers install the same way as other software... you will have a disk that came with your computer or video card...or else a file that you downloaded from the Vendor's WEB site...

In Windows 3.1x, you will select "Run" from the "File" menu item in Program Manager....and then "Browse" your way to the file or diskette ....finally clicking on OK to execute said file...

In Windows '95, you select "Settings" from the Start button.....then Control Panel....then Display....then the settings tab from the "Display" window.... from the drop down list box you can select the color depth.. if you need to install driver ( you may not .... as Windows '95 can autodetect for many common brands of video card) select "Change Display Type".... and then "Change" next to Adapter Type.. you click on "Have Disk" button... then "browse" your way to the driver you want to use...there are always instructions..either in a README file..or on the WEB page from which you downloaded the file.. it really is not that difficult can do it.. come on ...have a go...surprise yourself !

FEATURED SHOP PRO 3.11...this is a full featured bitmap graphics editor with screen capture capability and native support for 35 different file formats ! Included is the best graphics "browser" you can hope to find.... you can copy, move, rename, delete from right INSIDE the browser...this is a real plus when maintaining a WEB site....and search and sort are also included.... the main drawing prgram sports 22 painting and drawing tools.

FEATURED WEBSITES...are...The VILLAGE PULSE Outpost... Drum Music from the heart of Africa would be a good time to invest in that sound system always wanted..and after you've got it..check out WARNER BROS. for the best in live entertainment !

and...for the 24 hr. 'NET JUNKIE... this one helps you find out the time in any part of the world...

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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