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Hi there,

This newsletter is late, late, late....please accept my apologies ! I DO try to put up a new one every TWO weeks !

One of the questions asked most often these days is....."HOW do I find the information I am looking for among all the IRRELEVANT stuff that comes up when I execute a search with my favorite search engine !"

There is NO easy way...I hate to be the one to break it to you....but YOU will have to develop the skill of initiating a more SPECIFIC search !!

You see, the stuff that you consider irrelevant is....very relevant to the SEARCH ENGINE...and is, indeed, WHAT YOU ASKED FOR !

Time spent learning HOW the search engines interpret your inquiry is time well spent...and HELP is usually just a mouse click away...somewhere on the page....usually not too far from the "SEARCH" button.

Your choice of words and phrases are the ONLY "clues" that the seach engine has about what you are looking should "refine" these to eliminate unwanted material that is coming up after your initial query....a lot of people do not realize that you can EXCLUDE words and phrases from the search ...meaning that documents containing those words or phases will be disqualified as a valid answer to your query.

FEATURED is a simple, friendly little application that converts BMP graphics files to ICO graphics files and the reverse ... ICO to BMP conversion ... why this is so cool ?? because none of the major graphics editing programs have this conversion built-in... so now you can design your icon in PaintShop Pro, ADOBE Photoshop, Corel Photopaint (or Corel Draw !) it as a BMP file ...then run BMPTOICO to convert it to a Custom ICON for use in Windows Applications.....or you can take a Windows ICON and, by using the reverse process, end up with a nifty BUTTON to use on your WEB PAGE !!!!!!!!!

FEATURED WEBSITES...are...The ELECTRIC Postcard... please have FUN with that one... and MUST take Mike and Sigrid's.... AFRICA TOUR !...

Can't even manage to use a Homepage Wizard to create a homepage, well...go HERE and take DELIVERY of your page....there is no longer ANY valid EXCUSE for NOT having your own HOMEPAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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