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Hi there,

It is NOT my intention to turn this newsletter into a technical column, but this week, I feel obligated to my more ambitious clear up the following matter....if you are totally new to the Internet please drop down a few paragraphs, and check out the FEATURED WEBSITES, I feel you'll enjoy them....

For those people who downloaded the GIF CONSTRUCTION SET last week, I have discovered that many ANIMATED GIFS (including the ones that were on my pages!) are NOT "constructed" properly..... and this can cause "GENERAL PROTECTION FAULTS" in your NETSCAPE browser.

I have, by now, properly formatted ALL ANIMATIONS on my web pages...but I want to share the experience with you, because some of you may have downloaded animations from the "FREE" sites as well.....and you need to look at the structure of these GIFS...before using them !!!

The program tells you, when you try to save the file, if there is a problem with the structure and what it is ! (the two most common are:- 1. using a local palette with one or more frames. 2. setting a zero delay time on one or more frames) although not illegal as far as the GIF89a standard.... setting these options WILL cause unstable and erratic behaviour of your Netscape.

Please be aware that the SPEED of your animation is NOT constant under Netscape, it varies... depending on what Netscape is doing in the foreground process, this is not a technical problem with the GIF, will NOT cause instability...and you will just have to live with it....until Netscape developers improve this area of their product !!

Also, be aware that adherence to the "rules" does not guarantee that you will NOT get a GP fault on the page with your GIF, it merely REDUCES THE CHANCES of this happening !!! Animated GIF's work your Netscape very hard by constantly interrupting the foreground process to take care of "empowering" your "animation".

If all the above sounds like a LEGAL DISCLAIMER then accept my apologies, I was merely trying to be helpful !

FEATURED is a simple, friendly little application to take the tedium out of making and maintaining an IMAGE MAP... which is a graphic on your webpage that is clickable...and depending on WHERE you load different pages or perform a location (relative to the spot on the graphic that you clicked on) specific action!

FEATURED WEBSITES...are...Exploring Ancient World Cultures...this is an interesting source of general information on old civilisations... and .... The Afrocentric Internet Library... one of my favorites and I think you'll love it too !

I also think you might find this interesting.

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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