Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

As I promised last time, I am focusing this newsletter on providing helpful tips and instuction in things pertaining to the Internet !

First of all, here is something for those user's who want a WEB page, but can't handle the complexity....

"The Web Wizard" is a small Windows program that will give you your page in minutes... all you do is answer a few simple questions about content !!

This program is FREEWARE... and you can download it from Caribnet's FTP server...or get it right now clicking here.

Impressed by those cool animations you see on various WEB pages...they are no more difficult to put on YOUR page than an ordinary GIF ! Go get some now by clicking here.

Finally, did you ever wonder about the "Bcc" that appears in your e-mail addressing area... you know, right there along with "TO", "FROM" and "CC".... well, it stands for "BLIND CARBON COPY" and it works like this....

Any e-mail addresses you put on the "Bcc" line will receive your e-mail...but the others on the "TO" and "CC" lines will never know that you sent it to them.

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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