Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

Today I want to discuss the future of this WEB site.

It always upsets me when a long time passes and I am unable to make significant changes to the content. This is because I know many of my readers are frustrated when they check and re-check the pages in hopes of something new...only to be disappointed. This is the nightmare of all Webmasters...trying to keep up-to-date !

In an effort to improve the content....I am going to implement the following :-

Each newsletter will focus on some topic of interest to Internet user's.... like a FREE Internet class...I will teach or explain some aspect of the Internet ...provide helpful tips...etc.

Changes to the site will seldom be mentioned in the Newsletter anymore..and readers are asked to check the WHAT's NEW page, which at the moment, can be reached from a link on my CARIBNET HOMEPAGE...or you can BOOKMARK it clicking HERE.

Featured Website
Every couple of weeks I will feature an Interesting may already have noticed my Banners (both commercial and non-commercial) in the Barbados Photo Gallery. These provide links to other sites and generally increase the interesting things to find on MY site !

The featured Website will be one that I have come accross while surfing and I will try to only offer quality sites for your consideration.

I know some of you are wondering what is taking so long.... why aren't the new photos up yet...well, take heart, I can now commit to providing a new batch of at least 4 photos every 2 weeks or so !

Finally, MAIL.....I LOVE to receive interesting mail from my readers.... UNFORTUNATELY....the INTERNET is not 100% reliable in this area.....if you have sent me mail, to which you desired a reply...and have not received one....PLEASE RESEND... you can do it clicking HERE.

There is no need to send the whole thing over again...a simple line "did you get my mail" will cause me to check and get back to you !

Thank you for visiting my WEB site.....and...I hope you'll come again.

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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