Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

On Sunday afternoon, I experienced a hard drive crash.....fortunately I had a backup...but I still lost my week-end mail, some of which, I had not replied to....sooo, if you sent me mail and have not received a reply yet, then PLEASE RESEND as I have lost it !!!.

From time to time people write requesting photos of specific parts of the island and I am pleased to say several requests were honored this weekend..when I visited North Point, Cove Bay, River Bay and Farley Hill. The pictures will be mounted in due course.

As I go around to people's homes and offices to help them with their Internet related difficulties, I find that many people are viewing the World Wide Web in only 16 colors !! Invariably this is because they did not know there was anything else !! When I reconfigure their display card to show full (true) color, it is like giving sight to a blind man. Truly it would be a sorry state if we could only sample the Web in a paltry 16 colors !!!

If you are in this position and you don't know what to do, stay tuned I will post detailed instructions, which should help you solve your problem.

Finally, for all those involved with WEB page creation....and those thinking of getting involved :-) ... point your WWW Browser at for a COMPLETE REFERENCE.

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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