Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

This weekend and the last I have been taking photos for the Barbados Photo Gallery.

I have just mounted 4 new ones and there are lots more to develop and then's a lot of work !

One of the most common questions I receive from people all over the world is "how do I find out if so-and-so is on e-mail ?". The problem comes about because there is no single directory for the Internet.

Up until recently, I would launch into a discussion of the different types of directories available:- whois, X500, CSO, etc.

I would try to explain programs like Whois and Finger to bewildered individuals who could not make use of any of what I was saying !

NO MORE ! Point your WEB browser at and enter any information you know about the person you want to find!!

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ----Enter YOUR e-mail address in this FREE database so others CAN FIND YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this directory becomes THE place to find will be beacuse of YOU....and millions of others...who took a few minutes to put in THEIR information.

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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