Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

I have not done anything to the site for two weeks....what can I say ...I have been busy elsewhere.

I am still hoping to expand the Photo Gallery, and this will be accomplished in the near future.

The Crop-Over Festival is upon us, here in Barbados, and some of you have told me you are coming in!

My phone numbers are listed on my Copyright Notice page and I shall be delighted to hear from anyone who feels like calling !!

Thanks for all the mail that keeps coming in, I always try to respond promptly, and encourage all my viewers to sent their comments and suggestions about how the site can be improved.

Finally, a word about AMERICA ONLINE, they have released their version 3.0 software interface and it is really great!!, if you are thinking about signing up for an online service, give it a try...... and this is un-biased advice, I am not receiving any compensation.... indeed my current AOL bill is the highest it has ever been !.

Many of the "FREE" services have disappeared from the WEB, everybody wants to charge you a monthly subscription for everything under the sun ! ....It is now much more ECONOMICAL to pay for a comprehensive online service rather than pay FIVE or SIX limited-content WEB sites !!!!

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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