Stephen's Newsletter

Hi there,

Great things have been happening at the site this week, so be sure to browse around a bit !!

Visit the Music page from my home page (or just enter "....../mirror.htm" at the end of my site address) and DOWNLOAD a couple of songs. Best choices are Green Clouds, Lords of Venus, Essence of Life and Ghost Story.

The sound files are in .WAV format and download as self-extracting ZIP files....
1. save them to disk in directory of your choice.
2. double-click on them from Windows File Manager, this will unpack the WAV file.
3. Open Sound Recorder (or Media Player), then to listen to the music, just open the WAV file and "PLAY" it!

Visit my Sights and Scenes pages in the Barbados Photo Gallery, I have put some new pictures straight in there.

First time visitors, why not try an obscure "Past memories" link on my "Personal Data" page for something unusual.

Sneak Preview, more to follow on the REAL Dinosaurs, also the ENUG will become a clickable map, in multi-color! Plans, plans.....All photos with excessive file sizes in the BPG will be carefully compressed to reduce file size without sacrificing QUALITY.

Well, until next time, keep surfing.....

Stephen E Mendes

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